New Cube World Screenshots

Over the last weeks I've experimented a lot with quests: completely random quests, semi-random quests, pre-written class quests. But I somehow had the feeling that the addition of quests could remove a lot of the freedom and restrict the player too much. I'm also afraid that they could become too repetitive and generic over time. So I decided to leave them out for now and put the game focus on exploration, fighting and character progress, which are in my opinion the most fun aspects of Cube World. Here is an overview of the new features:

- There is now a clearly arranged overview map showing lands and levels. The player can switch between the voxel map and the overview map.

- I've added screens for character selection, world selection, character creation and world generation

- Each class has access to three different types of weapons
* Warrior: Great weapons, dual-wielded one-handed weapons, shield + one-handed weapons
* Rogue: Daggers, fist weapons, longswords
* Spirit Mage: Staffs, wands, bracelets
* Ranger: Bows, crossbows, boomerangs

- There are now groups of NPC adventurers wandering through the landscapes and fighting monsters, just like the player. Some of them are bad and will attack the player.

- Cities have now different districts and there are class trainers

This is the character selection screen. The number of character slots is not limited.

Here is the character creation screen. The background is different with each new game.

This is the world selection screen. Each character can enter each world.

Here is my character in-game. It's a ranger, specialized at sniper. In the final game, specializations won't be available from the beginning. Also abilities will be unlocked one after another which each level.
As a sniper I can lay down and become stealthy. The view gets zoomed in, too. With this ability I can perform powerful stealth attacks, similar to a rogue. However the effect ends when I move.


This is the world overview map, showing the different lands. The blue lands are oceans, green lands are of my level, and red lands are higher level. Lower level lands would be gray.

Here's a group of nice NPC wizards.

Hey, there's Pixxie. :D

Let's go to that castle.

We must be careful not to pull all enemy groups at once.

I just found a crafting formula. I can learn it and craft that amulet whenever I have the right materials.

Here we nearly wiped because we got attacked by multiple groups at once.

This is the boss. 3.. 2.. 1..


See that Pixxie clone in the background? The boss has summoned it. Each boss has random special abilities like this.

Even enemies can drink. :)

Yes, we made it!

We have leveled up, so let's travel to one of those LVL 2 lands.

Let's defeat that cyclops before.

Cyclopses fight with hands and feet now, and have new special abilites like this charge attack. He can also do a cyclone attack. Trolls still use big maces and have an earthquake attack.

We've reached the frontier to the LVL 2 land. It's a snow land!

Let's see if the vendors have better equipment.

Some mountains can cet really high.

Here's a desert land.

This is the ranger master. Here I can learn new abilies and practice them with aims.

Some exploration pictures...

Here's a group of evil Lizardmen.

The frontier between two lands.

A group of Orc adventurers.

A rare ogre. Rare creatures drop a spirit when you defeat them.

These orcs are camping over there. Fortunately they can't see me.

I just got a boomerang!

The boomerang follows the movement of the crosshair.

It hits enemies multiple times. It's my favorite ranger weapon. I'm planning to add throwable metal disks, too.