Cube World City Screenshots

Just a short status update about the new name: I already have a new favorite but I'd like to wait a little, maybe there's a better one.

Currently I'm working on the following things:

The Cube World is divided into different lands (of course randomly generated ones). Each land has a level and all creatures living in that land have the same level. The land level increases with distance from the starting position.

Each land has a capital city and is inhabited by NPCs. They have quests, sell items or just talk about random stuff. :) Each city has a center place where all shops and other useful buildings are located.

In contrast to before, buildings are now randomly generated: they now have varying rooms, sizes, walls, roofs etc. Furthermore, I'm working on multiple themes. Here are the ones that I have finished so far:

European style framework houses:

Medieval stone houses:

North American style wood houses:

Log houses:

Next I want to add themes for deserts and jungles.


New Cube World name recap

Thanks for the comments! For those who don't know why I don't keep the name "Cube World": To avoid trademark issues and associations with Minecraft clones.

Here are a few things I've learned:

- Japanese sounding names aren't well accepted everywhere (I have no idea why), so "Kyubu" and "Kami Heroes" are out.
- Some people don't like names which are too childish or too cute. So "Little Cube Adventure" (my personal favorite), "Cube Boy" and "Lost in Monsterland" are out. I like this kind of names because they remind me of good old SNES/Sega Genesis times. :)
- "Spirit Hunter" sounds generic but I think most modern titles do. On the other hand I agree that it doesn't capture the true essence of my game. Gathering spirit cubes isn't so much of a focus in the game. So "Spirit Hunter" is also out.

The focus of the game is exploring a strange, huge world which is made up of cubes. Maybe someone finds a catchy name for this. :) I hope I can come up with a new list soon. New suggestions are always welcome!

Cube World Name Discussion

Here's a first selection of possible names that I liked. It's not the final list, and I'll probably post another one soon. I'd just like to know what kind of names are well received and which ones are not.

Please tell me your opinion about each name and what you like and what you dislike. Thanks!

- Spirit Hunter
- Kyubu
- Little Cube Adventure
- Lost in Monsterland
- Cube Boy
- Kami Heroes


Help me find a new name for Cube World!

I think it's time to choose a new name for Cube World.

I'm not a native English speaker so it's hard for me to judge if a name sounds good in English or not. So I would appreciate any name suggestions. Please try to consider the following things:

- The name must not be copyrighted or trademarked.
- It should not contain the word 'Voxel', 'Cube', or 'Craft' ;) EDIT: Also no 'Block' or ^3 please. :)
- I think it's good to have a combination of English words without fantasy words.
- It should sound like an epic action RPG from the 16-bit era. :)

Feel free to post any suggestions here or send me an email. Thanks for your help!


A few new Cube World features

I just wanted to share a few small features that I haven't shown yet. For example, boss monsters (also trolls, cyclopses etc.) are smaller and weaker with level 1, so newbies also have a chance against them. :) With each level, they become bigger and stronger and gain their full strength and size with level 10.

When you get stunned, you see small stars above you. As long as they are visible, you can't be stunned again. It's the same for enemies!

Potions don't heal you instantly, but over time. You can also run while drinking, but if you perform any action like rolling or attacking you stop drinking. (Damage by monsters doesn't, but often they try to stun you).

When you die, you respawn at the next spawn point. But you are injured and have reduced maximum health for a few minutes. The health debuff is indicated by band-aids on your back.

Fortunately, you can remove the "injured" debuff by eating something. Mmmm... ginseng soup. :)

You can also sit...

... and sleep. Fun fact: Cube World characters sleep on the face because they can't close their eyes.

It's now possible to tame pets if you find their favorite food.

To take a pet with you, you can equip it like an item. There's also a pet bag for your other pets, so you can swap all the time.


Cube World: Class Overview

There are now four classes in Cube World: Warrior, Ranger, Spirit Mage and Rogue.

Each class can choose between two specializations. Each specialization adds additional passive and active abilities to your class. You can swap your specialization in villages any time.


Warriors are masters of close-range combat. They wear heavy armor and can wield swords, axes, maces, greatswords, greataxes, greatmaces and shields.

Warriors can be Guardian or Berserker.
- Guardians have increased health and defensive abilities.
- Berserkers profit from war frenzy, which increases their attack speed with each hit.


Rangers defeat their foes from the distance. They wear medium armor and can attack with bows and crossbows.

Rangers can choose between Sniper and Scout
- Snipers are specialized on accurately aimed range attacks.
- Scouts are more mobile are good in mid-range combat.

Spirit Mage

Spirit Mages use their mind to control the spirit and to cast powerful spells. In contrast to all other classes they passively generate spirit over time. They wear light armor and can use staffs and wands.

Spirit Mages specialize on fire or water spells.
- Fire Mages can shoot firebolts and fireballs to burn their enemies.
- Water Mages can cast water drops and water splashes. The resulting water puddles heal friendly targets.


Rogues are stealthy fighters specialized on sneaking, cheating and fast attacks. They wear medium armor and can use daggers, fist weapons and longswords (I'm also thinking about adding shurikens and other throwing weapons).

Specialization: Rogues can follow the way of the Assassin or the Ninja
- Assassins ambush enemies using stealth attacks.
- Ninjas are specialized on evasion and counter attacks.

I'll give you more detailed info on each class in separate posts soon!