Cube World News


I'm currently very busy with the offical game homepage. I'm programming it with C++. How cool is that? :D It will contain a forum, a blog, and probably an item and monster database. The homepage isn't done yet, but I'll keep you up-to date in this blog.


There's a separate server application and everyone will be able to host his own server. It's currently Windows-only but a Linux port should be no problem because it has basically no dependencies except Winsock. I'm also planning to include an in-game server browser which allows you to easily connect to different servers from the client. Of course, you can also play completely offline.


I know many of you want me to release the game in its current state. This might work for a sandbox game but it doesn't work well for an action RPG like Cube World. We still need to add things like a start screen, menues, save slots and character creation, more content and need to finish the homepage. I don't know how long this will take but we're doing our best to finish everything as soon as possible.

New Features

Today we had a funny three-player online multiplayer session. I made some screenshots and will use them to illustrate a few new features that we've added so far.

As you can see there is now a chat window in the lower left. In the screenshots we use cheating commands to change our names. There's also a /level command which allows you to reach any desired level. :P Of course I'll remove that in the final game. :)

Let's go exploring!  Look, there's a new pet.

I hope you like my moustache. :P

There are now land name captions which fade in and out whenever you enter a different land.

You can now also crouch (see Pixxie in the background). When crouching you can sneak past enemies and also climb walls.

Streets sometimes have streetlights. You'll probably find a village when you follow a street.

Some impressions from our exploration....

We found a village. Each village has shops, inns and towers...

There is a sage in each tower which can identify things for you.

There are different kinds of shops: item shops, weapon shops and armor shops.

Each shop has a different range of products. The bow in the screenshot has rarity level 1. The maximum rarity level is 4 but you'll get such rare items only from rare bosses.

Let's go on. And yes, you can have even slimes as pet!

I added a few new quest types. Here's a typical "find someone" quest.

That was easy. :)

Oh no, those witches are really dangerous.

The fire beams are rather harmless but the fireballs are deadly!

That's all I have to show for now, see ya. :)