New Cube World Video: Spirit System

I made a new short video demonstrating the spirit system that I described earlier.

Screenshots: Spirit System

Here are some screenshots of the new spirit system. You can upgrade you weapons not only with iron cubes (which increase the base damage) but also with spirit cubes. In the examples below I added fire and unholy spirits to my weapons.

These cubes begin to glow when your spirit increases.

When you perform a finishing move, their power is unleashed: fire spirit deals additional fire damage, unholy spirit drains life from the enemy and heals you by a small amount.

Spirits will be very rare and most likely be dropped by bosses. I'm planning to add more spirit types soon.


New Cube World Video: Improved Combat

I made some changes to the combat system:

There are no more combo points but an energy called 'spirit'. Each attack generates spirit points (SP) which you can unleash with a finishing move. The finishing move depends on your weapons:
- Dual-wielding: Swirl
- Two-handed: Smash
- Shield: Slam

You will find different kinds of spirits (small cubes) that you can attach to your weapons and armor, each with a different effect. For instance if you add a fire spirit (red cube) to your weapon, your finish move will deal fire damage. If you add an unholy spirit (green cube), your finishing move will drain life from your enemies and heal you. You can also attach multiple spirits for a combined effect.

Depending on the spirits your weapons will glow in different colors. In the video spirits are not implemented yet - I just made the weapons glow yellow.


Screenshots: Blueprints, Mobs, Pets, Upgrading

I've added a couple of new things:

I started with the GUI design for the architecture blueprints. They're like collectable cards with rotating 3D previews and additional info.

New mobs:
I added two new mobs, frogs and moles. Maybe I'll also add playable frogmen. :D

I implemented pets, which will accompany you and fight for you. The first pet I implemented is my own dog "Joschi". He's a really nice Collie. :D

I also added an "aggro" system: When you or your pet attack a monster, the monster's aggro against the attacker is increased. The more damage, the higher the aggro. The monster will always attack the enemy with the highest aggro. It's similar to MMORPG's like World of Warcraft.

I'm planning to add "tank" pets (like turtles) which generate more aggro but do less damage. This is useful when you're using a bow.

You can heal your pet with cookies. :)

Equipment upgrading:

You can upgrade your equipment by placing up to 10 cubes on them. It works for weapons and armor. It increases the level of an item but also changes the look of it. To upgrade an iron sword you have to place iron cubes on it. You get iron cubes with the help of a special NPC which can disenchant items.


Screenshots: Caves & Quests

Thanks for your feedback about the building feature. Today I'm just showing some screenshots of the caves that I recently added, together with a new quest type.

EDIT: Sorry about the typos in the quest text. :D


Cube World: Architecture

Today I started with a house building system. The idea is that you will find construction plans during your adventure. There will be architect NPCs that will sell them or you can find them in treasure chests. Each construction plan allows you to create a 10x10x10 building piece, like a wall, a corner, a windowed wall, a roof etc. You can place them with a 3D cursor.

There will be different architecture types. I just implemented a 'framework house' architecture and you can see it in the screenshots below. I plan to add other architectures like elven and dwarven architecture. You can combine different architectures and some of them will be very rare.

The overall idea is that you're able to build and extend your home and fill it with trophies and treasures that you find during your adventure. I also want to add a way to teleport back home.

I haven't decided yet about how to get materials for building, maybe you have some suggestions. :)


New Cube World Screenshots: Jungle

I'm currently implementing a climate system. Cube World's climate depends on temperature and humidity. These two variables vary randomly accross the world. A combination of high temperature and humidity results in a jungle which I'm presenting you in the screenshots below. Other zones like deserts, savannahs, tundras and snowlands coming soon.


New Gameplay Video

Here's a new gameplay video with quests, shields and more. Descriptions are in the video!