New Screenshots: More Vegetation

I created some more voxel sprites: small details like flowers and grass, as well as bushes and trees. Here they are:









Danger! Trolls Ahead!

Attention, here comes a troll. He has a big mace and wants to smash you! I'm currently adding boss fights and this is the first one. A video is coming soon.


Cube World: New Video

Here is a new short video demonstrating new features like water, trees and improved animations:


Cube World: Tree Sprites!

This Cube World project is causing me insomnia... so this is what I did tonight: I created tree sprites in the voxel editor to make the Cube World more alive. More vegetation and things like that coming soon.

Cube World: Increased Voxel Resolution

Today I made some experiments with the voxel resolution of the landscape. I found that increasing the resolution by a factor of two in each dimension still gives good framerates while the result looks more detailed.
I'd be happy to hear what you think of it. Screenshots below:


Cube World: Clouds and Shading

Today I tweaked the shading so that everything looks sunnier. The clouds got a bluish shading to make them look more cloudy.


Cube World: User Interface and Questing

A the moment I'm adding GUI elements like speech bubbles for NPCs so I can start implementing quests. Here is an in-game screenshot:

Cube World: Voxel Editor

Here are the new sprites in the voxel editor:


Cube World: New 3D Sprites

I created new 3D voxel sprites for Cube World: An old man NPC, a female character and a goblin enemy.
You can see them in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6bMTR7tepM
Here are screens of them:


Cube World: Voxel Editor

Today I made a voxel editor to create 3D sprites for Cube World. I already made a new head and a new sword for the hero character. The rest of the body still needs to be pimped. ;)


Cube World: Having Fun in Multiplayer Mode

Here is a new gameplay video featuring third person view and mutliplayer:

Cube World: Third Person View Added

I added a third person view to Cube World. The view distance can be adjusted with the mouse wheel. You can still play in first person mode by zooming into the character. The new video will be up soon!


Cube World

I started devloping a 3D Voxel-Based game two weeks ago as a fun project. You can see a gameplay video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZgpMgXKFKY

Or just have a look at these screenshots:

More info coming soon!