New Screenshots

Hey, I'm currently very busy with the dungeon system. It's really tricky and I hope to be able to show you some upates about it soon. In the meantime, here are some new screenshots in which you can see a few new features, like:

- Two-handed weapons: Greatswords and greatmaces
- Combo-system is back: subsequent hits increase damage and have different animations
- Improved camera and targeting
- Kingdoms: There are now kingdoms with frontier walls and guards
- Dungeon entrance with runestone: you can port back to the runestone when you've completed a dungeon
- Ring item menu for quick access of consumable items
- Coins: enemies now drop copper, silver and gold coins


Cube World Video: Bows, Shields and More

This video gives an overview of the different weapon styles and fighting moves that are implemented so far. Each weapon type has now an additional finishing move which can be triggered in combination with rolling (dodging).

- Special: Charged arrow (must stand still while charging)
- Roll + Special: Air strike

- Special: Swirl
- Roll + Special: Charge and dual-slash

- Chance to block when shield is in front
- Special: Shield slam
- Roll + Special: Charge and shield slam

- Special: Smash
- Roll + Special: Somersault smash


Screenshots: Dungeons

Just a note: Cube World it NOT available for download. Any Cube World download sites are scam.

I'm implementing randomly generated dungeons with the following features:

- Fire and spike traps
- Levers, doors, gates
- Dungeon bosses
- Treasure chests

Check out my test dungeon run in the screenshots below.

P.S.: Before you ask: I'll increase the XP you get for killing bosses. :)

Edit: I'm still tweaking the item system so the weapon stats in the screenshot are not correct yet.


Screenshots: Obsidian Armor and Swords

Hey, I'm currently adding new armor and weapons. The first ones are made of Obsidian and you can see them in the screenshots below, where I tested them in multiplayer.