Cube World: Architecture

Today I started with a house building system. The idea is that you will find construction plans during your adventure. There will be architect NPCs that will sell them or you can find them in treasure chests. Each construction plan allows you to create a 10x10x10 building piece, like a wall, a corner, a windowed wall, a roof etc. You can place them with a 3D cursor.

There will be different architecture types. I just implemented a 'framework house' architecture and you can see it in the screenshots below. I plan to add other architectures like elven and dwarven architecture. You can combine different architectures and some of them will be very rare.

The overall idea is that you're able to build and extend your home and fill it with trophies and treasures that you find during your adventure. I also want to add a way to teleport back home.

I haven't decided yet about how to get materials for building, maybe you have some suggestions. :)


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Anonymous said...


DerpDev said...


Anonymous said...

This game looks so good!

Anonymous said...


Archis said...

This is fantastic

Falnes said...

Maybe with quest points? Or some weird payment method, you can by it from a weitd craftsman downtown, or the currency can be called "Pixeys"

Anonymous said...

The rate of development and the look and feel of the game is outstanding.

Will you just shut up and take my money already?!

Anonymous said...

The Elder Cube I: World !
Cube of Worldcraft

Other name for this futur Hit !

Libras said...

Like all building materials.
Punch trees, receive wood!

Anonymous said...

World of Cubecraft*

Anonymous said...

Magnificent job wollay! I would like to suggest a method for the acquiring of such architecture pieces: "Goody bags" or another generic reward given out in all/some of the quests in the world, and sparingly dropped by monsters, but found either in higher quantity or of higher quality on the corpse of a boss or as noted above, in treasure chests. I would also like to ask about furniture: will it exist? would it be acquired the same way.
Another style of architecture I would like to have brought to mind could be lizardmen, which could be quite interesting. Also, I really like the idea of being able to teleport back to the house, but as in some other games, I personally believe that it shouldnt be a permanent 2way portal, but instead a consumable item that allows you to return to the house and then portal back, and then the portals disappear. Anyways, good luck on the programming wollay, we're all cheering you on :)
(this game is mine and my friend's biggest anticipation of the year)

AlphaM said...

Maybe some rare npcs like random "travelling merchant" who would sell rare pieces, the most common could be found at local merchant; and donjons, of course!

adzetko said...

That's cute ! I love it !

Anonymous said...


Holy fuck are you retarded this game has NOTHING TO DO WITH MINES.

Anonymous said...

Nice work wollay ;)
A solution is to buy materials from joiner's workshop
Or a way to learn the work of Bucheron something like that..

It could be a nice idea to have the possibility to learn a job and create a store (with your system of building!)
It could add (if player want) a gestion aspect to the game :) then you put your price on material or recruit sellers ... (just an idea)

Nice work anyway !

Anonymous said...

will we be able to destroy every little block on the map ? like hit the ground with a sword to destroy blocks and create a cave ? (because with trolls hit it destroy blocks)

Deflage said...

The building mechanic sounds pretty interesting. Perhaps monsters could have a small chance of dropping materials or you could purchase them from merchants. I don't think you should be able to buy all the materials in one town though, you should have to travel around to different towns to get different types of materials.

Anonymous said...

Steal People at night !!!

pedroboy16 said...

Awesome !

Maybe destruct a tree and pick up wood ?
Or buy material at others NPC ?

Brett said...

I love what I'm seeing so far, Wollay. Is there a chance you would include a situation that requires you to build defensive structures like castle walls, parapets, traps and weapon emplacements? Perhaps it could be a specific quest scenario where you have to guard an objective for a certain amount of time?

I love games that let me creatively build structures, regardless, but having the opportunity to see whether my structure can withstand a concentrated assault always gives me a special joy.

Kimran said...

Maaan und Gestern schreib ich noch das du zu schnell bist Xd du woltest es mir wohl noch mal beweisen? sieht geil aus mach weiter so :D

Anonymous said...

now the question is, how will we get these materials. XD

Anonymous said...

most likely not, he isn't making minecraft, if you want something like that play it.

Anonymous said...

As far as acquiring resources to build things, I'm a fan of going out and gathering them. I really enjoy games like Terraria and UrW, where the search for resources of various types largely drives the need to explore and take risks. I also think even basic resource gathering and crafting systems add a lot of interesting mod potential.

pedroboy16 said...

will you add a boat building systeme too ?

Anonymous said...

idea for materials.
iron, stone, ext. : maybe you find veins of ores in caves and rocky terrain.

wood : you chop down a tree (can only be done with an ax) and then harvest the materials from the fallen tree?

and also their is always the option of having traders sell these items :)

Matthew said...

Perhaps you could make it to where there is a money system from quests(if there isn't one already)and make a shop where you can buy materials like lumber, brick, stone, ect.


AngstChild said...

In villages, you could randomly generate lumberyards where the player could acquire materials. You should consider only being able to transport one section at a time to the construction site. That way, it will encourage players to build near the fringe of a village to start. Perhaps players could build a series of tiny houses to slowly move further and further away from the village (via repeated teleportation). That way, a large home in the middle of the forest would be rare.

João Viana said...

That is a very clever idea indeed. I wonder if the game is CPU intensive..

Kimran said...

Ja da du nach Ideen für die materialfindung der Gebäude usw. gefragt hast würde ich einmal @Brett zu stimmen das wäre echt nice.Wie man die Sachen bekommt? Ich finde man sollte sie in verschiedenen Dörfern kaufen können wo man was kaufen kann ist dann Zufall ja nicht alles in einer Stadt man soll schon Suchen können :D und mein Vorschlag wäre noch das Monster sehr selten bestimmte Materialien droppen sagen wir mal ein "Großer Stein Oger" kann mit einer geringen Chance so etwas wie "Reiner Felsen" droppen dies kann man dann entweder wäre meine Idee mit anderen Materialien bei jemanden in der Stadt zu den Bauteilen verarbeiten oder Man kann diese Items bei einem NPC abgeben und hat eine Chance von was weiß ich zu was weiß ich das er dir dafür ein seltenes Bauteil gibt.

MightyLemur said...

Maybe an NPC. (travelling merchant, architect)

..Or quest rewards? "Here take this old blueprint, I don't have any use for it."

Anonymous said...

Nice !

Will you add furnitures in your house ? ^^

Anonymous said...

you stupid fu**ing jew

Anonymous said...

I always liked the way vanguard did it.. specific rocks trees.. etc.. that were placed specifically for harvesting that blended with other trees, terrain.. etc. well but were very difinitive that they were collectable.

Anonymous said...

it would be nice if you could cut down trees or mine ores to get material for your house.

Anonymous said...

and add rare materials, that you can only drop from boss monsters or that are really rare, then you can use them to build rare houses

Anonymous said...

Das teleporten sollte nich einfach so gehen, eher nur von einer Stadt oder Dorf oder am ende von einem Dungeon.

Anonymous said...

Auserde sollte man aus den einzelnen Blöcken(also den ganz kleinen) sich selber dise wand teile zusammen stellen dürfen, und die Häuser sollte es auch in kleiner geben so Hütten.

Archis said...

Not sure what you're planning for the different architectures, but I had an idea that you had to unlock the knowledge for the other types of architecture by completing quests for elves, or finding blueprints in the forest, or for dwarves finding them in caves(or if there are friendly dwarven NPCs then quests for them as well)

Anonymous said...

Wow nice ideia i like it!!!

Anonymous said...

will we be able to destroy every block on the map ?

Anonymous said...

make it so quests, and random drops gives you materials for building and make bosses gives you different blueprints for parts, then make an NPC you can buy materials from

Anonymous said...

Cudowne! Dobrym rozwiązaniem byłoby też interaktywne umeblowanie domu. Pozdrawiam!

Anonymous said...

I just want to compliment your character designs, I have always love the small pixelated-style characters from my old Gameboy games such as Zelda and Pokemon, but I have always envisioned them as more colorful and real, just as you have done with this game! Keep up the good work!

DaveChaos said...

I love the trophies idea, I can picture a dragons head on the wall now :D

Cyrus_Zei said...

Well here is My ide.

1. An npc That have à lumbermil and he Will sell You Wood for money and he Will have some Quest to get some rare materials.

2. To get other materials like stone and stuffs You must travel to mountain and there Will be an npc(this way You Will make people Explorer and You can implement this to all of The materials)
3. You can buy some manic That Will gather stuffs for You when You are near à tree like world of Warcraft

Anonymous said...

Wollay may I suggest adding a few things.
Such as
Paint: Change the color of walls and ceiling.
Lights:Different types of indoor lighting. Anything from torches/lamps/magical light.
Objects:Basic filler objects for houses.
Learn different chair/table/bed blueprints.
Perhaps a lockable treasure chest.

Being able to find patterns for furnaces and other crafting necessities. That way you don't have to go find a blacksmith. You have a furnace in your house.

FIREPLACE- Who doesn't want a fireplace?

Nachtrae said...

First biomes, and now barely a few days later you give us houses? You are going so fast!

Anyways for the materials.....Destroy walls, get walls? :p Yes, with that I mean that if you destroy someone else's house that you get the materials it's made from. Or at least part of em. Of course, it should come with a definite penalty. Being run out of town or something.

Other ways could be gathering the minerals and then letting NPC's process them. Such as gathering wood which you can make into wooden planks at a lumber mill of sorts and stone blocks at a similar place.

If you get marble, you can let (friendly) dwarves turn it into marble plates. Same with other minerals such as gold and silver. You could buy all these minerals for a price from merchants, or try to find them in ruins, chests or at an ore vein, if you're lucky enough to find one. Course, there should also be home decorators or architects that sell completed house parts.

Speaking of items and merchants, maybe you could add in traveling merchants that come from a far away, exotic place, where you can buy or trade stuff you can't acquire elsewhere in game.

And don't forget the stair cases :D No doubt that the first thing people will try to do is build castles with numerous floors.

BastlW said...

I just throw money on my screen, but nothing happens :'((

Anonymous said...

The only veins in this game that should be mined are the ones that spill forth the blood of your enemies.

Perhaps have a generic material called Cubite or something similar that comes in multiple tiers. For example, Crude Cubite, which is used primarily for building walls, supports, and such, could occasionally drop off common enemies or be bought from certain NPCs. Quality Cubite, used for more advanced construction pieces, could drop from large boss-type enemies such as Trolls and Dragon. Finally, the coveted Pristine Cubite, used for the most prestigious pieces, would only be found from more challenging endeavors such as clearing castles, dungeons, etc..

Anonymous said...

Will there be pets? If so maybe you could gain their trust by doing tasks/quests or giving them specific items.

Anonymous said...

I know its silly but; Quests to unlock new house parts?

Robert Davis (Vovo Valentine) said...

1.After you build a few houses are built you could become a mayor and govern a town that NPC's would spawn in. You can only govern three towns at once. A house would be need to be livable for an NPC to live in it. To claim houses for certain NPC's you could put a sign on the wall next to the door with either your name (for your house) or the NPC's name to make it their house. Once a house is claimed it cannot be given to another NPC before they are moved out.
For a building to be considered "livable" would meet these requirements:
1 Bed
1 Table
1 Roof
4 Walls
1 Pantry
1 Storage chest
1 fire place(Lit)
1 Door
3 Light sources, torches, lanterns, glowing jars, ect.
2.For collecting ores, you can find from enemy drops, chests, and random caves. You could melt down weapons and armors and chop trees for wood. You refine the ores for better building materials.
3.Decorating: Buying paintings, couches, beds, tables, chairs, ect. You could buy things to decorate your house with aside from the statues. Or make them out of raw elements if you have the building plans for the item.

That's all i got for now. :D

Robert Davis (Vovo Valentine) said...

Get in contact with me on my Facebook, i think i may have a whole truckload of idea's you may like.

Balrahn said...

There are a few ideas I can come up with.

1. Mining (You'd have to implent that then though ><)
2. Quests
3. Shops (from a Sawmill etc)
4. Random Chests
5. Mob drop

I guess a combination of all of those would be great. Maybe just like Skyrim.. Ore veins on the surface of the world or in caves.

Shinohara said...

The game's looking great, and I love this system for building houses.
Any chance you could give a rough overview of how the rendering engine works sometime? I've been considering writing a voxel-based strategy game for the iPad after I finish my current project but have been a bit stumped as to how to handle converting large numbers of voxels into a polygon mesh on the fly.

blackjet2050 said...

My idea is that you can get materials from quests and chopping down trees.

blackjet2050 said...

That are so EPIC ideas!

Anonymous said...

Well, here is some of my idea!

1. Shop, you said you would make npc that sell things, well make a architecture shop!

2. We could Cut some tree to get wood and make some materials with it!

3.Random chest in dungeons.

I also suggest you to had pets or something that help us in combat!

kenny_one_ said...

großes lob an wollay!!

aber ich poste das hier nochmal weil hier würde das problem auftreten:
ich finde monster sollten keine blöcke zerstören dürfen wie die trolle oder die riesenkrabben...danach sieht die welt doch zerstört aus und nicht mehr epic

und im multiplayer wenn man bauen kann gibt es doch wieder griefer die nur schei*e bauen...

ist nur ein tipp ;)

Xules said...

Hi wollay,
könntest du Klassen einbauen (und evtl Rassen), um noch mehr RPG style rein zu bringen? Als Dieb könnte man dann Schleichen und Kriechen, als Krieger hätte man einen bessen Angriff, der Zauberwirker kann stärkere Zauber usw. Was mich faszinieren würde wäre das diebische Schleichen und Schlösser knacken, was ich bisher in jedem RPG das ich gespielt habe gut fand. Sonst finde ich das du wirklich gut vorankommst mit deinem einmaligen Projekt. Ich bewundere deine schnelle Arbeit aber zugleich sehr qualitative Arbeit.
Kanns kaum erwarten und so... (unbeschreiblich ungeduldig)

Xules said...

...noch was vergessen: wenn man sneaked kann man mit dem Bogen frei Zielen (mit Fadenkreuz oder so), also nicht anvisieren wie in dem Bogen-Update.
Mach weiter so und antworte bitte, selbst wenn du meine Ideen schlecht findest oder nicht verarbeiten möchtest! *g*

Copperhead said...

Das sieht schon mal sehr gut aus, jedoch würde ich noch gerne wissen, ob es Inneneinrichtung gibt? Was auch gut wäre, wenn es zum Beispiel Handwerkstische gibt, wo man seine Ausrüstung verbessern kann.

Viele Grüße!

J&J said...

"I also want to add a way to teleport back home."

This , is exactly why i want you to implant a magic system : =D !

(Sorry for my english ...)

Krz said...

Although I don't want another Minecraft, perhaps there could be NPC "tradesmen" that go out and mine, cut down trees, smith, etc that you can purchase materials from. It would be neat to see NPCs out doing real "jobs" while you adventure.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above statement.

MrKoin said...

Hi, first : congratulations for so much work !

Now : I've guessed you don't want to create an other Minecraft like game. So don't loose your time implementing mining ore/collect resources with trees etc.

If I understood correectly you want your game be more "role-play" oriented. In such a game you only find resources/building capabilities by exchanging money against knowledge and material with PNJ.
And you acquire money (and sometime rare artefacts/scrolls/weapon) by hunting monsters/finding treasure/accept quest with reward.

Thx for all :)

Muselwusel said...

Hi there,

the new Screenshots look awsome. I really like the way you implemented building.

I suggest that you can get materials as following:

1. You find rare materials and so on in treasure chests which you can find in dungeons.

2. With money or doing quests you will be able to hire different NPC's. They will get the materials for you.
Maybe you can add aspects of The Settlers to the game. So one will be able to build a whole city with the help of NPC's or something.

3. You get materials from quests.

4. Maybe you can build houses which will generate materials such as a lumberjack or something. You can then check by every hour to get the materials from there.

Just some thoughts...

Maybe you will come up with something better and new.

Can't wait to play the game!


skully172 said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the names are bad (who am I kidding? They're horrible), but you have no right to insult him (or her). Fuck off.

The Jakester said...

this game is looking great i love the build option...
but looking at previous photos i have notice your color scheme seems to be getting darker, did you do this on purpose or is this just me?

Anonymous said...

My suggestions for getting materials for buildings.
1-dropped from monsters/bosses.
2-sold by NPCs.
3-find them in the environments/chests.
4-all of these put together.
Your game looks great, wish you the best!

wollay said...

That's because the new screenshots were taken in a zone with high humidity (96%). Grass is darker and greener in these zones. In zones with medium humidity it looks like on the previous screenshots.

10d22 said...

You could make a job system in towns so one town got a lumber mill/wood cutter generated and a second town got a stone query and you can help out by doing some kind of job and get wood/stone as a reward like the lumber mill in skyrim. You could do the same thing for farming; like a Apple Orchard or a Wheat Farm.

Doctor G33K said...

I think that building materials should be recycled from loot. Often in these games you get crappy items that you just end up selling to a shop. That. Is. Boring. Let people take these items to an object like an anvil to break them down into basic building materials. These materials might be used to upgrade equipment by doing something like making Steel Sword (II). But they could also just plain be used for building like here. It would be a great way to get rid of loot. You could also combine this with other concepts.

Put an anvil at the halfway point of a dungeon, and people don't need to go to the town to get rid of loot so they can finish up. They can break down the scrap objects and turn the loot into much easier to carry building materials.

Furthermore, as loot you could have Material Bags. Items like Material Bag (I) and Material Bag (II). Each one is an upgrade better than the last. And they could each affect one specific building material so that there'd be a point in collecting more than one of the same type of bag.


10 Wood Pieces
10 Stone Pieces
10 Iron Pieces
10 Elven Pieces
10 Dwarven Pieces.

You find a Material Bag (I) as a reward from a quest.

You like log houses, so you choose to apply it to wood.

Your inventory can now hold:

50 Wood Pieces
10 Stone
10 Blah etc. etc. etc.

Then later you go to a dungeon. Find two material bags (II).

You need to carry more stone for your house, but you still want more wood.

So now you can carry:

100 Wood
100 Stone
10 Blah etc. etc. etc.

You get the idea.

As for the actual recycling, say you find a stone sword, a stone shield, and an iron helmet.

Stone Sword - 1 piece of wood, 2 stone
Stone Shield - 1 piece of wood, 4 stone
Iron Helmet - 3 iron ingots

You could also up the ante, and get it to be in the hundreds so you can get more fine and precise building pieces. So you'd start with 1000 stone and 1000 wood and etc. Upgrades would be to 5000, then 10000. That could work too.

Xylense said...

Perhaps to build a home, there needs to be a set amount of resources around the area you wish to build. Example, you want to build a home on a hill, so first you should plant trees around that area and chop them down to move the logs into a 'log stockpile', same with stone rocks that can be found from monsters or simply picked up.

Once you have a wall selected to be built, it will consume one log and one [measurement unit] of stone bricks from the nearby stockpile. Rarer walls, flooring, etc will need rarer materials, maybe marble rocks can be found in deeper, dangerous caves.

Benjamin said...

I really like most of the idears that i read and i think that they would add some really nice things.

Also got some idears of my own.. may not be the best idears but I'm gonna write them anyway.

Maybe some mobs that would like have a chance to drop some items.

Dwarfs: (you already made those :P)
But make Them have some sort of mine they walk in/out so that it would look like they were mining in it. Lets say have them carry a pickaxe or a rock as weapon and they would have a chance to drop iron ore, copper or tin or some other kind of ore.

and the the lizard-mens you made would have a chance to drop "scales?" that you could trade to other materials or use it as a way of fortifying you buildings or houses to make it more resistant to some like a troll attacking it? or maybe even use it to make the roof parts? :D

You could also make the Goblins that you made sometimes carry wood around? maybe as a weapon or something?

I do not create games nor work with programming so i have no clue what you can make, and sorry for the long post and any mistakes in my english. Really good luck with the game! from a follower :D

Anonymous said...

stairs would be easy enough without actually having a design for them example in the screenshots it shows you can make a well if the design pieces are separate like say the wells top is two halfs you take the first half and repeat it, stacking it on the next one till you have the height you need.

Anonymous said...

or for another example(same anon as above btw) you could use the roof pieces for bigger staircases

Freefall said...

Having mobs drop items that could be used to craft items or have the loot they drop be used as trophies seems like a good idea to me. Birds would drop feathers that could be used to make pillows or special tribal decorations. Loot like armor, swords and sheilds could be hung around the house or have manniquines wear them.

You can also have villages have special shops like saw mills for wood and quarries for stone, that could be sold for in game currency.

KermitTheFrog said...

By materials to build, do you mean like building tools?

If so, a low leveled boss sounds like a good idea. The boss has a 75 or 100% chance to drop a hammer (which is used to access the building menu).

VirtuaChamp said...

merci pour ces images j'attend ce jeux comme un malade

VirtuaChamp said...

il faudrait créer des magasins spéciaux pour acheter plan,matériaux et pour construire il faudrait acheter un item special construction qui fonctionne 50fois (exemple) et que les boss drop des plan rare par rapport a leur difficulté

Purple Mage said...

Looking great!

Anonymous said...

buy in stores, or find abandoned houses without roofs, without walls

Danger said...

I wasn't reading through all so sorry if I wrote something what was already written, but my suggestions for materials are:

1) loot (monsters & chests)
2) some "disassembling" skill - trained by disassembling items to basic materials (higher the skill, higher amount of salvaged materials)
3) collecting skills (mining, woodcutting, herbalism, etc.)

About skills, best system ever designed was in Ultima Online:) Going from 0.00% to 100.0% (+- depending on special modifiers, boosting it further).

To make the beginning easier, trainer NPC's would train you (for some gold) from 0.00 to some initial amount (10-25%).

This skill value would affect your chance to succesfully collect materials.

Woodcutting example:
- lumber axe equipped
- basic tree (wooden block) hit.. (skill 25.3 -> calculation -> fail)
- basic tree (wooden block) hit.. (skill 25.3 -> calculation -> fail + skill increased to 25.4)
- basic tree (wooden block) hit.. (skill 25.4 -> calculation -> success! skill increased to 25.6)
- basic tree (wooden block) hit.. (skill 25.6 -> calculation -> success! skill increased to 25.8, wooden block harvested! (disappears)

I think that players should be able to harvest resources from environment (it can be tree, crystal, whatever.. hovering over with mouse should show you some tooltip window), but it should not be so easy to mine it out with single hit. It must have some endurance (lower amount, but capacity for more hits) and only high skilled players should be able to have success nearly all the time. Also, those resources need to have proper tool equipped and with those tools, you can harvest (and destroy) only specific blocks.

Danger said...

However the game seems to have very intuitive controls, I think the harvesting should work like I wrote, but without the need to equip different tool every time you want to harvest something. I would solve this with single key as switch between combat mode and safe mode. In combat you can break things with your sword (everything except the resources) and in safe mode you cannot accidentaly destroy blocks, only the resources (you still need the tool to have in your inventory, but you will still keep your weapon in hands for the case of sudden combat - you can attack enemies in this mode).

The Jakester said...

i'll suggest something but up front yes i know its like minecraft (that's okay so back off) so you would find minerals on cliffs and in caves ranging from something simple like tin/bronze to some sort of special material that your game can claim fame to it like example "Astalline"(random name) these mineral deposits would be rare and not common enough to just go into a dungeon to collect these minerals.

Once you found these mineral deposited you would then not mine but extract the ores. in which you don't destroy the block you just take the ores out by sitting in front of the deposit for a few seconds maybe have a progress bar, each vein would have to be extracted multiple times with higher value minerals having fewer times you can extract.

You can also limit the extractable minerals by putting a leveling system on it with high value minerals needing high extracting level. also each level you would be able to extract faster, and be able to extract more each time through.

But i also believe that getting materials from mobs is a way that defiantly has to be implemented to keep people going on mining trip.

The Jakester said...

at the end i meant "to keep people from going on mining trips" instead of "to keep people going on mining trips" also i would like to here your response on some of these ideas

The Jakester said...

Also i would like to ask if you mind us using your photos of the game as screen savers or avatars. i am asking this because some people are very picky about this kind of usage.

AcidLies said...

I think the best way to get materials should be through NPCs it would allow the character to play "Monster hunter" while keeping all the annoying "Mining" bits to the npcs, But the NPCs should actively mine and have a stock where they can only sell their excess.

Anonymous said...

Allow materials to be salvageable from the terrain (wood from trees and all that jazz) for the bare basics. Scale it so buying materials/plundering dungeons and whatnot is far more desirable in that salvaging the materials yourself will actually feel like you're spending an entire day gathering wood to build a shoddy house. Or something. Things like more complex block types (brick, adobe, concrete, polished marble, polished granite, and the like) are much easier to purchase in bulk from an NPC rather than go through the entire process of creating the aforementioned from scratch. Y'know?

MACROpigeon said...

i think that there should be an editor that allows you to either create buildings/parts for the game with a simple voxel placing interface or the minecraft style break and place method, another way that would work is importing buildings or parts into the game by placing edited voxels into a folder :D please reply if these are some feasible options

MrJoseph said...

Looks amazing! I can't wait for this game to come out, it's going to to one of my most favourite games of the year.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get the idea of ONLY MINECRAFT CAN DO THAT out of your head and just make a good game, mining or not.
Anyways, you should add randomly generated dungeons or castles to siege and such for a good prize at the end. Things like that make a game so much better.

Paul Johnston said...

I don't see why mining should be an integral part of the game at all (to those who are suggesting it). Just because it is a voxel-based game, does not mean it has to be like the 'original' voxel-based game [Minecraft]. I love how Wollay wanted to make a voxel game based entirely on role-play, adventure, monster hunting, and questing. Mining and crafting should be entirely secondary, as systems and skills. An example is WoW how they, like countless other MMOs, have crafting systems, mining systems, fishing, smithing, tailoring, enchanting, etc; the game is still very playable without using those secondary skill-sets and systems, because they are not integral, but optional.
So, to summarize my point: The game is a voxel-based RPG, not Minecraft. To try and port things from Minecraft into Cube World would only feed the idea that it is a MC clone, which even I can clearly see it is not.
The idea of salvaging materials such as wood, dirt, stone, etc. is only half thought-out. It would be more practical if you were to say those materials were being salvaged/farmed as drops from monsters/blocks to be used to craft weapons, armors, quest items, and etc etc etc.
As for generated caves, I believe they should look natural on the inside. Mainly arch shaped with a mostly flat floor, some stalactites and etc here and there, cathedrals, gorges, pools, etc if you want to think more natural and large.
As for generated dungeons; when you think of dungeons, you think 'man-made'. Structured interior, brick, stone, torches, gates, doors, rooms, corridors, loot, etc etc etc etc etc. The entrance could be an above-ground structure, like a small tower or small fort.
Generated structures... I see you've decided on those very well, so I don't have any thoughts on those.
One last thing, which pertains to the overall feel of the environment of the game. Throughout the world in the landscape, maybe there should be some generated decorations, such as wells, fenced paths, monuments, estates, graveyards, etc. Just small things. And as for the interior of structures such as houses, castles, and things of the such, maybe there should be more decor, like art and furniture. Just something to provide ambiance instead of desolation.
But, these are just thoughts, so the rest is really up to you, Wollay. Just please finish up soon so I can play before I leave for the military March 12! :)

Anonymous said...

I kind of like this idea that some materials can only be found from mobs.. At this point, the game won't be very repetitive.. And if you're gonna add dungeons or ruins and such, why not put some salvageable materials there.. I really agree with Jakester's idea..

Ken Kaster said...

I like this idea.. Like there would a woodcutter there you can buy wood and stuff... For an added twist though, since there is now biomes and such, some npcs can only be found in biomes where their goods are accessible.. Like Woodcutter in jungles or forest biomes but not in savannah... Something like that..

Anonymous said...

Make a quest where you have to go find certain material then bring them back to the villager and then receive the blocks.

Sean said...

I agree with you on everything, the part where you said more items on the landscape should be taken with moderation. If you put too many man-made looking places and such it would ruin the environment feel. Maybe just include graveyards and monuments for quests where you need to bring back a loved one to an npc or retrieve a relic from a tomb. But like I said earlier, these things should be in moderation. o)-<

Anonymous said...

Wow, i cannot wait to find a extremely high cliff with a waterfall going down, and build my house there. The idea of managing towns, as said above, sounds very nice, you could also probably profit off this(some sort of tax).
Which also makes me think, will there be other ways of getting money? Like farming.

This will be a game of most epic proportions, and i cant wait for it to be done!
It is like the rpg of my dreams...

Anonymous said...

no there should be to harvest it not just punch trees

Anonymous said...

make it so that u have to buy everything and get a builder to help u out. u can start out with clay and dye and the builder can make it into different color bricks and u can buy things like wool from shops and make looms and make fabric something not so complicated but lots of step and is obvious and the builder should give u tips u just give him the equipment and tell him what to make and were to put it and u must hire the builder as well wood should not be harvested but bought from stores as well and stone everything u need is either bought gave to u in quest or drops from mobs or even in side dungeons and stuff

Anonymous said...

just go get everything on ur own like minecraft chop trees and shear sheeps whatever u need could be easily obtained DERP!

Anonymous said...

ok wtf hes not making minecraft u might as well go play it if u really want a game like minecraft.

Anonymous said...

the builder idea seems familiar have u ever watched sly fox or not just sly fox but the kingdoms mod in mc? that's sorta what u meant give them wood and cobble stone they build for u?

Anonymous said...

will the houses be like shrines u mentioned in the video will u be able to set spawn? that way u can travel farther and not have to look for shrines and when u die u can come back to ur house

Anonymous said...

kingdoms mod?

Distortedlizard said...

Maybe you could kill rock golems for rock. Different golems for different biomes?

Distortedlizard said...

Didn't mean to post this as a reply XD

Distortedlizard said...

Oh yeah, the different golems drop their material. e.g Tree golems dropping wood

Anonymous said...

He already has a video up demonstrating him raiding a randomly generated castle.

TinnedEpic said...

How about this for an Idea. You said you needed construction plans in order to place these blocks right? What if you were to instead take the plans to a carpenter.

1)Find the carpenter of any NPC village and talk to him.
2)Drag and drop plans into the carpenters GUI and it will unlock the 10x10x10 building piece relative to plans you have given him.
3)From there you can purchase (have him make) the building piece which you can then place on your house.
Player retains their plans after purchase.

So in order to complete your house you either have to buy or go around collecting all these plans and then have a carpenter make it. The restraints been that a player must have the specific plan for each unique section of their house and they must have enough money to have the carpenter make it for them.

What do you think? I personally think it suits the idea of an adventure game.

ecips said...

I'm sorry, I have to say this, but:
Sir, you are a genious.


Is there going to be furniture to buy somewhere? Housing offers so much more possibilities... like cooking for buff-food, smithing, sleeping for heal etc.

Still can't wait for the game.
I hope you know, that people are gonna pay for this. Well, I know I will! :)

ecips said...

Epic indeed!

Mushie said...

I like this idea, but there are something that sould be differet, carpenter NPC's sould NOT be in every village. Making them more rare-likey (ignore this if villages are a little rare allready)

To get the Carpenter to work with you, you either have to do a quest (pay) him or assassinate him and get the materials from different mobs, like a quest. and then craft the different pieces (if you will add crafting, unless ignore my part of the idea)

What do you think?

Mushie said...

i got two other suggestions too (not related to houses)
1. You MUST add more kind of runis like the castels and more boss mobs (you have probary tought of this ;3)

2. As a mob thats special for you game, ive made up the lurker. ill post a picture and description later

Megarobloxfun said...

just put the game out already a luncher that auto updates it asks first then click see fetures if we dont want them we click no if we want them we click yes i hope this gives you the idea of doing this

Mushie said...

Honestly I think theyr just some parody names, made for fun. and what makes him/her a jew?

And even trought you dont like them you wont need to swear, you could rather say : ''Sorry. Mate, but I do not aprove these names'' or something like that

(Nice parody names trought ;3)

''The day the Cube stood still'' (the day the world stood still)

trookat said...

perhaps something like this

quest to save lumberjack-> lumber jack house construction( free) , allows for purchase of wood
lumber jack quests -> plans for wooden buildings to be built
sawmill quest -> sawmill , advanced wooden structures
save miner from cave -> ore based mine buildings , allows for ore purchase.
smelting quest -> unlocks blacksmith building ,weapon/armour shop

this sort of quest line removes the need of player mining and encourages questing and exploration and allows the player to build his/her own town with benefits without forcing the player to grind for things they do not want.

Anonymous said...

Take my money please! I want this game!

Serenthyr said...

For the blueprints you can add like a skillbook (an 'archibook'). All blueprints you unlocked are stored in there. They show how it looks like in a small window, where it turns around 3D, the required material (and level).
To put it in the book you can either choose to simply make it that you have to double click or that you need to talk to an npc first.
This way you don't have to carry around every single piece.

For acquiring the materials:
1. An npc gives you repeatable quests like 'the goblins stole my wood supply, kill them all!' and as a reward he can give you some wood.


2. You can request an npc to go mining/woodcutting/etc. (you'll need a moneysystem for this. Money = questreward/drop)
As you requested some material the npc will move to a mining entrance or some nearby woods. The npc will vanish through the door at the mining entrance and you yourself won't be able to go inside.Because it's just a door physicly, there is no actual mine.(Or maybe you can get into mines just to explore/kill mobs).
A timer on screen will show when the npc is back and you can get your requested materials.

As a side idea: Factions that work together or battle each other. You as a player can support whatever faction you like.
Each faction has its own benefits. Like: lower prices at merchants. more quest rewards. free ale. better equipment grades for sale. Befriending a certain faction can trigger other factions to hate you. They can become hostile and don't want you in their town.
Which brings me to town/castle sieges. conquering (with the faction that chose you as their hero) towns/castles.
Expanding your territory. And there is a whole lot more you can do from there.

Anonymous said...

prosze o link do pobrania :) !!!

aaayu said...

please launch game soooon please i can wait!!

Anonymous said...


Bruno Furlan said...

Wollay if you want help only have to ask this game is fantastic

Robert Davis (Vovo Valentine) said...

I can now picture all the little NPC's running from a dragon saying "IT'S EVERY CUBE FOR THEMSELVES!" XD

Jonnifichter said...

Ok first of all, great job so far! ;)
I really like to search for my stuff myself so here are some of my ideas on how to get materials:

1) U can always get some materials from mobs/quests/chests , the harder the mobs/quests , the beter the materials.

2) U get wood by attacking a tree with an axe, leaving a stump wich regrows in a few CW days. You could maybe make it so the blocks fall down like the dying animation.

You get ores by attacking ore vines or ore rocks (with a pickaxe) randomly generated in the world wich will be empty after obtaining the item and also refill in a few CW days. You could also make the ore rocks dissapear after you mined them but make them appear at another location for the player to discover. Maybe caves are a great place to get some rarer ores?

3) Then there are NPC's in villages or at lumber/mining camps who you can pay for doing the job for you if you don't feel like gathering materials yourself so you can explore some more. Then they would be back from their jobs in a day or so.

Maybe an architect NPC where u can buy basic materials and furniture but you can upgrade the materials or furniture you have by bringing him stuff from monsters or ores, so you could maybe build things like a dragon throne in your house..

Well, I hope u consider this because I would love it like this!

And I was wondering if u are planning to add things like farming/fishing/hunting? Items to build a campfire where u can cook your hunted meat on at any time in the world? Maybe some quests where u help hunters, and bear heads as a trophy in your house..
That would be nice :)

I really look forward to play and keep up the good work!

Rey said...

Looks amazing man, keep going! Can't wait to see what you come up with. :3

As for suggestions on material sources, as other have mentioned, drops from mobs.

Anonymous said...

Make it so you can buy an axe and chop trees, or buy them, or both.

Doomhawk said...


Anonymous said...

Make hunting for animals and food, so that you have to cook food and eat every day!

Gear said...

+1 vote for watching NPCs get mauled by mobs whilst trying to work.

Shu said...

Some suggestions ? Here is it !

Please note that in my mind, build a house take some times (although these ideas should works fine with instant building). And also please note that English isn't my native language.

Also, in my opinion, the mobs DISLIKES when their environment is modified by NPC. So when the NPC works, the mob always attack them (or you, if you're close), and new waves of mobs don't stop coming.
Robber can also try to steal the material you are collecting/moving.

Materials like stone or wood are heavy, to move a large amount of them, you must use wheelbarrow (or another tools).

Well :
1) find a builder NPC, give him moneys, and take him to the place of the future building. Protect him from mobs if needed.

2) tell him where you want the wall, the doors, the roof, the fireplace... He will ask the materials, and more money !
Of course, bigger is the house, greater the amount of needed materials become. Small house should take more than one wheelbarrow of stone, or wood.

OS (Optional Step) 1 : hire some guard to protect him, and your future building. Dangerous place mean more guards, and they ask more money. They can die during mobs's or robber's raid, and if there is no more NPC in the place, the mobs will destroy it.

3) find a collectors NPC, like miner or lumber ; pay him, and bring him to material source (cave, mountain, forest...). Protect him during his works

OS between 3 and 4 : take the collectors - and the materials he collected - to a manufacturer NPC. He will create the needed materials ; such brick, door, tile...
Pay him ; or some other NPC to bring the materials to the construction site. Protect them, or hire some guards to do so.

4) go back to the builder with your collectors and his materials (or the crafted material). Note that if the collector die, you must take his freight (his wheelbarrow) with you.

5) Since the builder materials, he start to works slowly on the building (and mobs sometimes come)
note : If the construction is instant ; it could be done by steps (first, he ask some materials to make the walls ; bring him, and poof, the wall are done. now, he will ask others materials to make the roof...) ; with waves of mobs coming on each steps.

OS 2 : bring some others builders to the building site to make it shorter. More builders mean less time, but it cost more.

OS 3 : hire guards to accompany collectors NPC, pay both the guards and the collectors, and send them collect materials... More costy than bring the collectors with you, but allows to quickly gather materials.

OS 4 : talk to your NPC : They sometimes give you items they found (miner could find fossil ; guard give rare drops on the mobs...),
sometime they ask you material/weapon to work quickly/with more efficiency (a guard ask whetstone or better equipment, a builder ask cord or ladder, a lumber ask for better axes...),
or they ask you to kill a lot of monster in the place/pay them more/hire more guards, since it's a really dangerous place.

OS 5 : fine others builders, guards, lumber or miners as replacement for the dead one.

6) "wait" until the building is done (help the collectors, the guards, put furniture and decoration in the finished rooms, look the NPC while they works ; or just go elsewhere)

OS 6 : hire hunters, or buy food for your NPC

7) live in your new house ! decorate it ! destroy it ! alter it ! sell it ! rent it ! house useful NPC !
Note that a house full of furniture/decoration cost much more than an empty one ; and housing NPC can be done only if there is livable house.

About the furniture in the house :
- they could be done by some NPC, like woodman.
- furniture are useful (sleeping in a bed could restore life ; a furnace allow to cook)
- mob's themed furniture : carpet in mob skin, decoration in dwarf's helmet...

About the rent/sell/NPC housing : these thing could allow players to create his own towns, with a lot of chosen NPC inside. These NPC could do works or sell things.

StarNighTx said...

You should need money to hire a Plot for you new home.
Mining areas for stones,bricks,etc.
Wood cutting areas for Wood,floor,etc.
The materials needed go according what you will build,big buildings,more resources.

ChaosmosX13 said...

You should definitely add physical doors for the doorways and you should make it so that the colors for the blocks that make up the house can be changed. Quite an amazing game I must say.

Joshua Schwab said...

from all of these comments I think this one is a solid idea

Joshua Schwab said...

Wollay shouldnt make building so easy. Im thinking that if you play the game for 8 hours a day by 3 weeks you should have at least two houses finished built. If this was the case then It would feel like a big achievement to find a construction plan.

Joshua Schwab said...

I heard of Minecraft last year and now its my fav game of all time but the thing is that I never play the game because my SH**TY computer

Mastermind said...

What if you had beds to set spawn like in minecraft?

Exikio said...

What if you turn to the old fashioned way and chop down some trees!!
Add a gravitational system so you knock down some of the tree voxels and keep going until you reach far enough so the tree can fall.

chad shearman said...

I love this idea:-)

TomTom said...

I have an idea for buildings as well. I always liked in the SIMs your character had mood gauges that effected how they interacted  with things. To give people a good reason to have a home. How about giving the characters moods as well. They can change  depending on how well rested your character is. Different moods can change how they interact with NPCs and complete quests. Even effect how they perform in combat.

Razzer640 said...

Hes not going to do mining

Razzer640 said...

I agree with this idea, The best out of all the comments.

Trippenn Razzer said...

Wollay already said that there are Shrines that reset your spawn point

Kolz said...

I think the house could be a great addition to this RPG if it is used as a level up system instead of the traditional character level up. An example would be, place a mana shrine in your house to permanently increase your max mana, a library could increase what spells you have and a pantry could increase max health etc.

Also a way point system could be introduced that would allow instant teleporting between house and wherever the player is.

Defenses could also be bought to defend against random enemy raids that are trying to destroy your house, of course an alert would sound to the player who's house is under attack a few seconds before the raid begins to allow the player to teleport back and prepare for the attack.

Think of the depth this could add!

sincerelysyntax67 said...

Sounds awesome, bit pricey though.

Tyler Keohane said...

I'm too lazy to look through 148 comments, but one thing that came to mind when seeing the house creation...

Have you ever played the Wii version of sims???

This looks a lot like it, not to mention the colors. Need a lot more customization, but so far it looks wonderful!

tesche said...

Sounds like a very nice idea to me. But please, make the creation of your house more difficult.It should be an achievement, not something which you can build after a few days. Maybe make each piece (of the same kind) more expensive, when you buy it from the carpenter.

A great idea would be, to be able to create a blue print of your house and then place the pieces you have (the one you have a building plan for) and rearrange them until you get your dream house. Then this plan could be used like a "quest log". It will show you, how much pieces you still need to create/buy and how much it will cost you.

ColdSpiral said...

Regardless of how materials are collected, I like this idea and I hope it's one Wollay takes notice of. I find building in Terraria is more annoying (being 2D) than Minecraft, but is more motivating, as expansion leads to significant rewards. You can get by in vanilla Minecraft with a small square room hacked into a cave wall, as it isn't very important how big rooms are, or if they're separate.
Developing your character through construction, and having your home/fortress as an external representation of your character's abilities, is a wonderful idea.

Dragoneye190 said...

I believe many others said this before, but anyway:
- For the first house, make it somewhat small and kind of easy to accomplish, so the player gets a basic, kind of self-designed "spawn"-point/home.
- For further enhancements to the players house, it would be nice in my opinion, if the player would be able to acquire different parts for blueprints for different parts of the house. For example furnishing, walls, roofs you name it). Difficulty depending on what you want and where to get the parts - All in order to make it more challenging.
- For the first house, you could make it like a quest-chain in which the players gets told on how to build his very own, first, basic house - Like a tutorial perhaps?

These are my ideas for "Architecture" or at least what could be fun in my humble opinion.
Well, regarding the rest, I really agree with "TinnedEpic" He did a great job with his suggestions.

flying_Knoedel said...

I like the Idea of a carpenter. Would love to populate my buildings with NPCs.

- Ressources could be gatherd by other NPCs like Woodcutters and Miners.


- Mining does not necressarily involve diggig Holes. You could also give special places where the player can mine stuff. For example there is clay pit. Build a clay distillery for brick stone there out of stone and wood. The Stone comes from a Stone Quarry, which the player has to build out of wood. The wood comes from trees.
- you could give to option hire NPCs to do the dirty work for you

Mark Binks said...

This idea is a very good one, I also think that the carpenter should take time to produce the pieces and maybe a cool down between purchases as it would lead to a more realistic and immersive game ?

Shadoark said...

if u need an house u need furniture and a bed to sleep if its dark its an little idea thats important for an house

Seekerkill said...

I have an idea, and I guess it would go here cause it's architecture.

I don't know if it is already implemented or if you plan to implement night time into the game, and if so if there will be "beds" either to skip the night or as just for show, but the world is just about if not infinite, right? And I love that, and I saw you said your going to put in a way to like "teleport" back home some way just haven't thought about how yet.  Well that's all well and good I love everything so far. I just had an idea I thought it would be nice to put in the game for players like me who love to explore and just go all over the place, and then return home.... eventually.

So I just think, in my opinion it would be pretty neat and fun if you implemented -- for lack of a  better word -- "Camping Gear", as 1 object, or a set or just like individual items that would be like camping. For instance I'm exploring just running forever and I'm looking fora town and it's dark, well I have 2 items/actions, "Fire pit" that like goes like anywhere in the ground and it provides a bit of light during the night. The other item is a "Tent", and it just sets up a small looking tent, and it has like a little bed-roll inside. And it can either let you sleep away the night so it becomes morning, or it's just kinda fun for RP you know? and players that like to do that especially if you were like playing with your friends/clan/whatever and like your planning a raid and you have like this big 'ol campsite with your friends like just a bit further away from where your raiding. I just think that would be pretty neat to have. BUT it can also have it's uses in Single-player, say your far from home and it goes night time so you set up the "Camp" and wanna like keep questing and stuff, well the camp can serve as like a "Waypoint" on the mini-map, so where ever you set it up, there is like a little tent on the mini-map to show you where it is! Then so it can't be like "abused" to like make a like trail of dots like home or something, only one person can have one "Camp-site/Tent" up at a time and only you can see your Mini-Map marker for it. Well that's just my idea. I think it would be cool to implement that. For no other use than what I said, or you think of, haha.

I welcome people to comment any thoughts and criticism they have on my idea and tell me what you think. :)

Off-note: I agree with what TinnedEpic said on the architecture and such, and with some of the suggestions of the small ways to go about it that people said on the thread.

Mellowthreat said...

I recomend you use trees for materials and you should also add some type of storage unit that can only be placed in your house.

Carlos26 said...

who i can downlaod it

Francisco Montenegro said...

You can make a spell for all classes to return home or no if you think this will make the game easier :)

Никита Коротков said...

Vollay Hallo, ich bin ein Fan von Ihr Spiel ... als meine Vorschläge für das Spiel, will ich dir schreiben, wenn ich `t öffnen können Ihre PM ... und Ihre Seite ... oder skype ...können Sie nicht uvidesh diese Nachricht, aber ... ich habe eine Menge von Anregungen in dieser Hinsicht

Foxie JJ said...

I thought I would leave a few suggestions:

What is most intriguing about games similar to this one is the ability to collect rare materials and show them off to the people I play with.
      *An example of this is a structure I built in Minecraft of rare materials.

The thing about games like Sims or Final Fantasy (where you have no process of collection other than just here is a house) is they give you a pre-built house, with very few options of customization. Or like the Sims  I just spam money and build whatever I want, fun-- sometimes, but less to brag about.

**What I would love to see is a byproduct of everyday activities (chopping down trees gives you sturdy wood for example that will allow you to craft roof pieces and the more complex or rare the card the more sturdy wood it takes) I would love to see a form of basic mining in the game, picking treasures or gems out of the walls like Junk Jack, you don't even have to have the ability to create shafts or destroy the world just a layer that you break on top-- revealing fossils, tools, gems, ores, buffs, and old bottles or something. Definitely having drops from mobs, and chests and dungeons as well.

I do love the direction you are taking this game and I would love to see it come out soon.

Slyme said...

I love this, it is epic. I have an idea. How about there are different types of dungeons, such as dwarven, or elven. At the end, there could be like a boss room. When you defeat the boss, the room like breaks, and you can pick up all the pieces.

Jared said...

Maybe you can salvage from ruins for building material with the use of tools or hire/create a golem to carry building materials

Jared MacDonald said...

I like Golems

Adriexdoom said...

Ehh. I do like the feel of this architecture thing. It does suit the game. I feel like there's potential that's going to be missed though. Making available architecture a bunch of set pieces is going to seriously limit the possibilities. Maybe if there were something like an architecture workshop. Like if a player were to go in to some menu and place pieces in to a 10x10x10 space to create their own architecture pieces, instead of being limited to all the defaults and preset findable ones. It's just that limitless creativity that makes such a leap for how interesting the game is. 

luan santos said...

idea of ​​an rpg and that his house was made ​​of blocks dropped by monsters or when youhit on a tree would fall and she gave him blocks to use in construction and coulddescend into the bed of lakes to collect clay to make bricks
The mobile system can also be moved to blocks of wood
the feeding could be supplied by hunting or by creation of chickens
Mining in the caves could be made only by the view ores bother to take Wall 

Wwza7 said...

I have some ideas how to get some materials, and you can use all of them:

1. If troll or some boss or anythink will smash the rock ground, can be 50% possibylity that some collectible stone will appear in that smashed ground.

2. Like that guy under me said, it can be bought in vilages.

3. Maeby add to world generator some old, un active mines that you can find some materials (like stone, iron, or some other underground goodies), or active with NPCs workers that you can simply buy, or steel much more materials, and then all workers from this mine sector wil want to catch and kill you, it would be so much fun to steel and run from so much NPCs. :D ... Or killing them all.

4. World generator can also make some ruins of castles, pyramids or random buildings, and there can be also some building materials,

I think that the best was third idea, or use them all
Good luck with continuing programing :)

jeremy cortez said...

Playing while being creative.
ranch house plans

Adair_24xal said...

to get materials cut a tree with a axe or buy to a 

GTA SA Videos said...

Wollay as I have posted on one of your videos will there be a free demo or something like that ?

juliangreenfield said...

I am just so excited to check out Cube Worlds architectural plan too.

Acoustic Guitars

ice shaver said...

I am
just so excited to check out Cube Worlds architectural plan too.


Yuxqe said...

Well, you know how you can destroy the area? i know this'll sound like a minecraft rip-off, but whenever a monster or you destroys a tree or some rock, then it might drop some materials, which you can craft into walls and have them placed at an architect's building in a town, well maybe not placed but, you get the idea.

William Fyhr said...


I really love the concept of this game and will for sure be playing it in the future! hopefully in multiplayer since sharing your adventure makes it more fun ;)

Houses! one of the earliest mmo's I ever played is called "Tibia" (I played this back in 2001-2006) and this was the first game where houses played a big role and still do today. Why?

Houses where bought in auctions and they were a "protected zone" i.e. you were safe in your house, you could choose whom to invite and if they were only guest or sub-owners (also able to invite new friends). Being a guest you could only open doors if that right had been given to you. So even if you where invited in the house, you could only enter if a certain door was open, this applied to all doors, so you could be able to open some doors and others not. The house was of course a great place to store lots of items an show of your rares!

So I think it's great that you will be able to have a house, this is a social place and a great thing for bigger communities!

Oskar Emil Jacobsen said...

i am sooooo happy that you build this way and not block by block like minecraft!

aname said...

i like the ideas in the comments, i would like to populate howse with npc, the more things there are in the house, more gold or money you can charge for, or make them work for free for you if they couldn't pay =D

Mega said...

Can you add it that you break blocks and you can build with them?

sammy said...

you should be able to build into the side if mountains for dwarves in the rees for elves and under water for lets say atlantians

sammy said...

great idea but we should also have a personal carpenter and
loom and black smith and other shops
we should also be able to run a buisness

noob said...

I hope You get this In the game soon I have been looking for house parts but can not find any!

William Myers said...

perhaps you need to chop down some trees or bust some stone to get the mats needed. would give a better use for bombs vs random stones in the wilds, though you would have to make some kind of axe item for trees...

saxmaster98 said...

You could like buy a blueprint from a carpenter and its like a price of graphs paper but 3D and you can like build your house block By block and like in the bottom left or right corner, it will show you the price of your house. Then, when it is completed and you have enough money, you place drop the blueprint on the ground in a flat,open area and it creates your house and takes the money from your account. Then you go to the carpenter and select different packages to buy from him like a "living package" that includes beds and sinks and stuff. Then a study package that is like seats and bookshelves and trophy cases and so on and so forth.

gzoom said...

i was wondering how much money the parts of the house would cost.

and i like this idea and cant wait to be able to tp home form hell from time to time and get hartflowers.

brodey said...

You have to make mining theres no way you can get in trouble for it.

brodey said...

this of course is one way to get materials like stone cuz u need stone bro.

brodey said...

and that way you can have basements in your house and wut not.

Laban said...

I say you shuld post the updates faster

CubeFan said...

It would be cool if you can set up your own farm like pumpkin and pineapple that would be nice to have.

Alejandro Miranda said...

to make the roof and the wall adds a concrete ore and find you the sold planes the comersiantes in cities

Tuckertcs said...

I LOVE this idea but you should also be able to make a small shop and put items in a chest and people will come and buy and sell items when ur gone

Ace said...

This is only half related but in Multiplayer could you get married and make a system that makes privalages for the couple. , maybe they could trade with each other no matter how far away from each other they are or some other kind of inventory sharing etc...

Ace said...

Also (obviously) sharing the same house.

Bolt said...

Wollay, i really think that you should implement this. it is a great idea me and my friends all want in the alpha and we all highly suggest you add it in a future update. don't be afraid to release something, be confident. the worst thing the public could do is report bugs about this feature.

Simeon Redhzun said...

A good idea would be you would make a purchase of land and build off of basic a basic blue print then evolve your basic house into a more personalized player created build. Kind of like you buy plans (in a city/village) for a basic house (a canvas if you will) the build off the basic model

johnny867 said...

a cool building idea i think would be to have a blueprint that is a "legendary" and allows you to design your own home dropped from some of the hardest bosses as for the materials put stone deposits like the ores and just have the wood from the bushes.

Marr said...

Not sure that the typical gamer can manage daily eight hour sessions, dude. Many of us have jobs and coursework getting in the way.

Grey said...

You said you needed material ideas. Well how about you make it so that deposits drop stone, and along with logs from shrubs you can craft these sections. Like you said each race would have a style. Meaning they would have a trade mark resource such as elves might use plant fibers for vine architecture, while undead have thorns from your new undead lands. I believe race specific resources would be interesting. I would also love the idea of customizing your sections that you buy from the "architect" if there ever is one. This would also give ores more use because like most people I have an enormous amount of resources. I can no longer carry any more wood, iron, or emeralds.
PS I love your well :D

lucky said...

all these ideas are really good but at the same time arent really that good some are starting to get very much related to minecraft and tekkit and ftb stuff like that

ChaosRifle said...

I absolutely cant wait for this to come out, and already have a few home building ideas. But I think your also forgetting that cube world is in alpha, and while I really appreciate the thoroughness you put into fixing bugs, you also are able to implement things to be tested before its fully thought out too. ;) Wish you the best and I'm sure you will figure something out, just wanted to say cube world has probably become my favorite game already. Its looking amazing and you have me, and I'm sure many more, on the edge of their seats waiting eagerly for your next update. :)

Syafa Azzahra said...



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