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Levexify said...

Okay, i have 6 questions, i hope you can answer them:
1. Can you change resolution? And windowed/fullscreen?
2. When you level up, is that saved on your character, or is the level saved on your world?
3.Please don't make this game support mods, it will ruin it...
4. Are you going to implement any kind of anti hacking system? Because that was the problem that ruined terraria, no antihack...
5. When will it be out? at least give us a general area. in a month, week, day, year?
6. will there be any kind of pvp?

If you answer those questions, me, and many others will be very happy :D

Btw, a f***ing good game you have there!!! Keep up the awesome work, and never stop working on this game!!! I will tell all my friends!

Anonymous said...

Dude Mod's is what Minecraft Successful Without mods half the people who have minecraft wouldn't be playing it.So Do Keep mod's in but Same as him i want to know when the games coming out D: I'm going to Explode if you don't tell me!

wollay said...

1. Yes.
2. It's saved with the character.
3. I'm not planning modding support.
4. Haven't thought about antihack but I think I should add it.
5. Probably won't make it this month. I want to implement at least questing because this should be a main aspect of the game. Can't say how long this will take, sorry.
6. Yeah I wanna add PvP in the future.

Levexify said...


Levexify said...

Wollay please check out this, i made a thread on minecraft forum, showing of your game, i got alot of positive comments, maybe you should comment on the thread? Atleast look at it just copy and paste this link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/874787-look-at-this-game-it-looks-fung-amazing/page__gopid__11203915#entry11203915

Miles said...

Anomynous.... mods are what crashed first time modders minecraft. and tutorials? they never help. so MODS SUCK

Jeffaboy30 said...

I've maybe got some ideas 15 ideas for new monsters And some updates,Hope you like it! and maybe it will help you! :D

Dragons: There are multiple of dragons, blue,red and black( blue is Friendly and wont hit you,only when you hit him, hits with claws )
( red is Aggressive, it will attack you if he spots you, he only hit with claws ) ( black is Aggressive, will attack you if he spots you, he can fly and shoots fireballs, Really hard to kill )

Dragons lives in holes of a massive mountain,Its hard to find them

Another Monster: Griffin ( fly's around a castle,he grabs you and fly up in the air,and will drop you down )

Thirth Monster: Sharks ( lives in oceans, They will attack you if you get in the water, They bite and may stun you for 2 seconds. )

Fourth Monster: LivingTrees ( lives in a forest, look exactly like other trees but got a mouth, it will attack you if you come to close to them, He throws brances at you, and may stun you. )

Idea for a Village: Graveyards, In the day its nothing, but in the night there will spawn Ghouls on it, Tiny Monsters That like to eat your legs and arms, Not much Hp, Easy to kill )

Fifth Monster: Vampires ( The boss of a castle, Can heal himself if he bites you, What he hits, the half hp he gets, He is Hard to kill because he heals himself, With multiple players he is easy to kill ( he is getting confused because he dont know who to attack )

Six't Monster: Golems ( Really aggressive, Throws Rocks at you from far distance, he slaps you with it if you come to close, you will shoot back if you got slapped )

Seventh Monster: HorseRiders ( Living around a castle, To protect the gate, The horses got armor on them self with spikes ( coming to close will hit you ) The Knights got a lance, If he hits you, you will be pushed back. )

Monster Nr.Eight: Boar's ( small mobs that looks like pigs, Got sharp horns and will push you back, If he got hitted he runs awey, but will come back a few seconds later. )

Monster Nr.Nine: Giants ( Really Big monsters that can eat you, and they will couse an Earthquake when he jumps, He is Really hard to kill! and will hit alot !!! )

Monster Nr.Ten: Demons's ( Flying mobs that casts Spells at you ( ThunderStrike, Fireball, Curse) Thunderstrike: causes a Thunderstrike on you and may stun you, Fireball: U know it already :p, Curse: Will lower you hits and you take more damage )

Monster Nr.Eleven: DemonEye ( Flying mobs that causes a Shadowbeam at you, ShadowBeam: A dark laser that stuns the player for 3 seconds )

Monster Nr.Twelve: SnowGolem ( A big mob like a troll, Throws Snowballs at you, and he smashes you awey

Adding in desert: Pyramids, In pyramids u will find treasures, with stuff in it, In the pyramid will spawn Mummy's At the top of the pyramid you need to kill a boss a Faraoh ( Hard to kill and is big , smaller like a troll, but hits much more and can stun you with spells, he will drop a fireball spellbook, )

Monster Nr.Thirtheen: PoisonSpiders ( Huge spiders , lives in caves with groups, They can stun you with theyre web, They also can bring you in poison that will hit 10 each second. )

Monster Nr.Fourthteen: Croccodiles ( got different length, Baby croccodiles wont attack,Big croccodiles wont attack you if they got a baby, only if you hit the baby, Big Croccodiles without baby are very aggressive and will bite you. )

Monster Nr.Fifthteen: Scorpion ( Lives in the desert, hits with theyre sting and can poison you for 10 seconds, every second the poison will hit 10, Not really hard, easy to kill , small mobs and hard to find because they are camoflaged. )

grass dude said...

like most of the monsters but 11 and ten aren't so great

Hasao0012 said...

game lost my support

mods are the ONLY reason i even play games anymore!

i would REFUSE to play minecraft without mods

Anonymous said...

I see how you wouldnt really support mods, because it changes how you want the game to be. But i wouldnt totally rule out mods, because they can add new life to a game. EX: minecraft. also, do you plan to keep updating the game after its released?

Rand said...

"Hasao0012 said...
game lost my support

mods are the ONLY reason i even play games anymore!

i would REFUSE to play minecraft without mods" me too nuts cause minecraft suck with out mods and texture packs but this so far has every thing that minecraft did not and its not post to be a minefcraft clone any way so sut up

Isaac S said...

DUDE! your game is amazing, i love it :]

Alien13tcd said...

By the way, the person who posted a thread about your game had 670 views when I looked at it, and it did have really nice responses...I hope that may lead to some more popularity :D

Anonymous said...

Wollay, I would have a modding support for some problems for like if people want different texture pack and if the game doesn't work well on some computers... They can relie on Modding support to help in some cases.

However... Mod Support could lead to Hacking so I would see why some people aren't very friendly on these occasions....

Think about it. Goes for everyone.

Levexify said...

I agree Anonymous. You don't want any mod support in this game wollay. Some people will lvl much, much faster than others, because they have a mod wich makes that easier, and people will start making hacking mods. So please wollay, don't implemnent any kind of mod support, because this game, have its own feeling, and you don't want to change that with mods...

Anonymous said...

I would like follow you on Facebook

Delauney Erwan said...


daniluz said...

when I can download the game?

Anonymous said...

im hoping that u do a good job on this game im pretty sure u will do cause the game look awesome!! but u got me involved in twitter to keep updated!!! soo hope you do a great job and wish u luck!

my twitter name good luck!

Anonymous said...

Guys, if you want to know when the game comes out: Come back after 2012 and then we will ask Wollay.

-So please, Wollay is trying to get important stuff on the game- He will tell you when he releasing it.

Thiaguiin said...

because you do not leave the game in beta while you create the game?
it will cost around how many dollars?

Anonymous said...

Very funny to read about texture packs in a game that has no textures.

(But looks way better than minecraft thou. I assume that the lighting has some kind of ambient occlusion, which makes it really neat.)

Anonymous said...

would this game be available for mac or is it undecided?

Delauney Erwan said...

If the game has success I think yes

Anonymous said...

Laptops cant even run Minecraft any more. Mostly Desktops can.

I hope this game works for laptops...

Crossu88 said...

It doesn't matter what you do, people WILL cheat in one way or another, no matter what kind of game it is. all you can do is stall it.

On a side note, you should add the modding ability, because mods are always good and fun when you've played through a game fully and feel like you don't have much to do anymore. As this is easy to do in minecraft.

You should also add mining, digging, and gathering resources even though it isn't planned. I know you don't want a minecraft clone it would add some fun to the game. It is a step up from other games as it adds the ability to craft things more fun and more active. It also would add an economy to servers.

I also think it would be nice if you would have different skill trees inside of the games system involving activities implemented inside of the game. Adding very nice playability to the game. Something like:

Passive skills:

Botony, Smithing, and Enchantment

Botony would have some sub-skills like: Farming, Alchemy, and Medicine

However, a person using Botony will have to rely of tools crafted by a smith.

Smithing would have sub-skills like: Mining, Tool and weapon smithing, and Armor smithing

However the Botonizer would have to work with a smith to make good tools as a Botonizer can cut wood and the smith can mine the materials.

And an Echanter would have sub-skills like:
Magical enchanting, Item-Buffing, Spell Tome Writing

The enchanter would make magical items made by
the Botanizer and smith could make. They would make a staff and he could give it an ability to increase fire damage or decrease time between healing a player. Maybe even casting a shiled or buffing the ability of a player.

He can bind enchantments to an weapon, armor, or tool to increase their proficiency, item drop, durability, or buff some stats.

He can also write spell tomes that can work as a secondary magical casting system, like staff enchanting.

These all combined, in can make a pretty interesting system of how people work together and trade with each other.

Crossu88 said...

Combat skills:

Magic, Ranged, and Melee

Magic would use staves and spell tomes to attack

Ranged would have bows and muskets and flintlock pistols (And if not applicable, thrown items.)

Melee would have Armed and Unarmed combat

Staves could be offensive items used for major attack and spell tomes could be defensive items used to buff and revive players, as well as minor healing.

Bows could use a wide variety of ranged ammo and take little time to reload. While guns would take a longer time to reload and have a fewer variety of ammunition, but can do more damage then bows.

Armed can do major damage and have good blocking ability, but be slightly slow. Unarmed can be way faster, have far less blocking ability, be for closer range, have a lesser cost for items.

And then we have armor

Heavy Armor: For warriors, this can defend a warrior heavily and allow them to take damage but slowly deal damage to enemies.

For mages, this would allow minimal spell efficiency to use tomes, as it muffles a mage when using spell tomes, also making it take longer to cast spells with staves.

For ranged, This would allow minimal speed, max ammo, and make it take longer to reload.

Medium Armor For warriors, this can evenly balance speed and defense, allowing a balanced fighter in battle.

For mages, this can provide more protection to them giving them more battle effectiveness and the ability to buff players at a balanced rate.

For ranged, This would allow more protection for ranged to reload their weapon but provide a medium amount of ammunition to carry with them.

Light Armor: For warriors, this can help attack people faster, but provide less protection, very low protection

For mages, this would allow for the easiest use of spell tome, and allow a mage to play a support role in attempt to go around buffing people as quickly as possible.

For ranged, This would allow for faster reloading, and allow more ammo to be carried with the person at all times, allowing a ranged to be agile and hard to catch up to.
That is all I wanted to suggest I hope you consider looking through my wall of text for suggestions. And feel free to give criticism to my idea for your game, but keep in mind it's YOUR game and your ideas to implement, you don't have to implement any of mine.

Thanks, Crossu88

Anonymous said...

After having watched almost all of the videos on Youtube. I also think you should add mining, it would be a tremendous add to the game.

"You should also add mining... even though it isn't planned...[but it] would add some fun to the game." -Crossu88

Qill said...

This game looks awesome :D Please have mod support,as no matter what you do it WILL get hacked.So why not just let people have some fun with mods? Also,can you awnswer a question of mine?

Will you be able to specialize in things when you level up,like put points into different skills,and if so,the Skyrim leveling system is great,and could work well in cubeworld.

Crossu88 said...

I'd say you should be able to select 1 from the 3 skills trees to have the skills related to the trees boosted.

wollay said...

Just came back from a vacation - wow lots of questions! :) I'll try to answer some:

"would this game be available for mac or is it undecided?"

I plan to make it for Mac in the future.

"I hope this game works for laptops..."

It works on my laptop.

"Will you be able to specialize in things when you level up,like put points into different skills,and if so,the Skyrim leveling system is great,and could work well in cubeworld."

I want to add skills to specialize in things. I still have to check if talent trees would work well with a game like Cube World, in which you can play and level up endlessly.

Anonymous said...

weil Sie nicht eine Demo

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I have 2-questions:

Is there going to be any main story line, or back-story, to the game's world?

Besides all of the randomly generated lands, are there going to be any pre-constructed locations, i.e. a city, or in game lobbies?

Btw: thanks for creating such a wonderful game and marry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I want to play this game!I cant wait for it^^. I hope it will releas soon.

Anonymous said...

My God I'd like (want) to play this game!!!
release it! :D

Anonymous said...

Release it for... 50$, 100$, or 200 i buy it :D

EmeraldTunic said...

Are there going to be any races or perhaps body shapes the player my choose from?

wollay said...

@EmeraldTunic Yes, both races and body shapes.

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions:
1.will you release an alpha, if so, how much will it cost.

2. what is your main goal in this game? is it focused on questing or does it have allot more features planned other than that.

3. you said you want to implement building, but not mining, i think this is a bad idea, because you have to gather materials to build.

4. how long did this take you?

5.i know there are villages, but are there going to be cities? like big, giant ones?

6. is there a height limit to landscape generation, how high is it?

Hope you answer them :D
good luck on your game!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very talented you are! I just have one question,
are you using xna, directx(code from bottom) or anything else?

Onehanded said...

hi wollay, just a quick question, would it be possible to get a wallpaper for cubeworld? and will your game support exstra buttons on gaming mouse's`? (since i can only use my right hand due to a accident) 

Guest said...

will this be free or payed?

Resistance-1 said...

men where can i download without surveys

Anonymous said...

Will you release the game before you add mages?

God said...

 You can install an exe runner if the game dont have supports for Mac. Or try a virtual machine with VMWare

konradkotus said...


konradkotus said...

*mice not mouse's

PokSon said...

Can I know where to download it if ever it exists in downlod. I ask this question because it's been HOURS i've been searhing for a real download of this game. Please wollay, with all my respect, can you give me a download link please. Also, if you respond me, can I ask you when will the next version come out?

Marion said...

There is no download available anywhere. In fact, the game still hasn't been released. If you look at the top right of this page, you will see a small "Cube World FAQ", which states that the game will be released by the time it is finished.

Oskar Emil Jacobsen said...

why did u make a twitter when u have this? :(

Oskar Emil Jacobsen said...

delete "this" and replace with "us"*

Sanchago0 said...

Wollay I love your game!! and i havent played yet XD but i have a question:

There's some kind of vodo or shaman type of npc's, mobs or class in the game?

Daimyo21 said...

How about more signature files and admin tools will prevent hacking and modding should be a choice of the people purchasing the game. The private owners of the game will mod anyways, why not make it more hands on instead of making others wait on promised content. Look at Notch and minecraft. New and intuitive features basically stopped when Notch moved on. The community however kept Minecraft alive.

micradore said...

ok mens one questions:when the new update ?

Nic Stelman said...

the alpha is for 13 Euros

ramone said...

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