Hey! I started with the questing system yesterday. Basic killing quests are already working. The quest texts are generated randomly from a set of phrases (both English and German is supported at the moment).

Each quest giver will send you to a questing region which is also highlighted on the minimap. The quest progress is displayed on the right side below the minimap.

Right now you get just XP for completing a quest. In the future you will also get rewards like weapons, items or money. Next I will implement quest lines and more complex quests.

Here are some screens showing a complete quest:


New Enemies

I added some new enemies!

- Agressive and annoying birds
- Can fly to evade your attacks

Berserker Dwarves:
- Tiny but dangerous
- Wielding huge axes
- Usually encountered in groups


- Huge flying insects
- Have a poisonous sting


- Vicious reptile warriors
- Hunting for adventurers


Plain runners:
- Large birds without wings...
- ... but with two very long and fast legs




Rivers, Waterfalls and Forests

I took a little break from implementing the item system and villages and decided improve the landscape.
I added rivers with little waterfalls and improved the trees. Here are some screenshots.