New Multiplayer Video

In this video you can see me and another player exploring a dark castle.



Here are some screens of the castles that I just added. They have random size and rooms but I still need to add furniture and carpets and stuff like that. And the big boss of the castle is still missing. :D










A Small Update: Dual wielding

Currently I'm working on the multiplayer mode and hope to make a video of it soon. In the meanwhile I can just post screenshots, so here are a few. New features: Dual wielding, new sprites, improved running animations, more varied terrain coloring.

The idea of dual wielding is: each attack deals fewer damage but is very fast and allows for faster combo point buildup.






Extended Cube World FAQ

Q: When will Cube World be released?
A: I'm currently tuning and fixing everything but I don't know how long it will take and can't estimate a release date.

Q: How many people are working on this game?
A: I started this as a small hobby project in June 2011. Since May 2012 we are a team of two developers.

Q: Can I help with programming, graphics, sound, music etc?
A: Thanks, but I want to do everything by myself.

Q: Which platforms are supported?
A: Currently just Windows PC. Mac support is planned in the future.

Q: Which games inspired you?
- Minecraft: Endless random world made up of blocks
- Zelda, Secret of Mana, Landstalker, Monster Hunter and more: Style, gameplay, overall feel
- Diablo, World of Warcraft: RPG elements
- And many more

Q: Which features do you still want to add?
- Player customization: I'm planning to add player customization whith different faces, hair styles etc.
- Classes: I'm planning to add a mage class next and more classes in the future
- Different playable races
- Quests: A variety of different quests
- Items: Different weapons, armor and other items
- Building: Different blueprints and materials
- Weapon/Armor upgrading system
- Different pets

Q: Is there multiplayer support?
A: Yes, you can do everything in the game cooperatively with friends. I can't say anything about maximum players per server because it still needs to be optimized and tested.

Q: Will you add mining/building/crafting?
- I'm not planning to add mining or digging.
- House building is supported.
- I will probably add a crafting system that allows you to craft weapons and armor from loot dropped by monsters.

Q: How do you create this game?
A: I've programmed everything with C++ and DirectX (OpenGL for the first version). For the voxel sprites, I created my own voxel editor.

Q: Will the final game still be called "Cube World"?
A: Probably not. It's currently just the project name. I'll have to come up with a new name soon.

Q: Will it be free?
A: No.


Taking a Ride

Hey, here's what I added today:










New Weapon Type: Bows

Hey, here is another update: I added bows as ranged weapons. They also work with combos, but I'm still working on that. Further new features are lock-on targeting and a basic leveling and experience system.