Vector Actress

Here's a plasmarized version of Scarlett Johansson. Again, I traced the contours from a photo and colorized everything by eye.

Vector Porsche

I have drawn this car in plasma. I used a photo reference to trace the shapes. The colors were chosen manually by me to match the reference as good as possible. In the close-ups you can see how simple the shapes actually are.


Pixel preview

Plasma is now able to display a real-time pixel preview, which shows how the image will look like when it is rasterized or printed,depending on the DPI settings.

Custom fonts

It is now possible to create custom fonts. For the font below, I first imported a Verdana TTF and modified the characters so that they are extruded and shaded in grey tones. The result was saved as plasma font which can be used by the text tool to write arbitrary texts, as seen in the image below.

3D Text

Here is a quick test of plasma's extrusion and deformation tools. I first created a simple writing using the Trebuchet font. Then I converted it to editable plasma shapes which I then extruded and painted. Finally, I used a deformation feature to create the distorted look. The shadow was created using blurred versions of the characters.